Scary Spiders

I give you Demodex folliculorum. This guy lives inside the hair of your eyelashes. Yea. And all over your body, but they prefer your face. Click HERE for more information.. Before you read further, be sure to read up on arachnids.

Not scared yet? Try this link from our good friends at PBS. Be sure to make your yearly Donation. PBS does wonderful works.

Not scared yet? This image is known as the Hot Dog Spider. Better known as the sea spider. An arachnid that only lives in water, so you should be safe. The image below is an example. Discovered on and image courtesy of reddit. The thread is here, warning : possible NSFW language.

Another favorite of mine is the Wolf Spider. This is the guy lurking in the bushes with the little tunnel deep into the plant’s leaves with a opening to go BOO! from. Read more here from Livescience, great stuff to read there. Of course, you can always try google images for more scares.

Spiders are cool. Along with Preying Mantisies, some of the most feared predators of the insect world. However, I’m pretty sure spiders make more kills.